Are you developing projects with the great Arduino platform? Because Garagino is cheap and compact you can have one board per prototype. And much more…







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4 Cases When Garagino Prototyping Microcontroller Board is Better Than Arduino UNO

By Dragos Cali, (Intorobotics)

100% Arduino UNO Compatible

Use the same ports, pins, IDE, libraries, codes… Exactly like how you were using your Arduino UNO.

One Module to Program Many Garaginos

Easy to use. Use one serial converter to program as many Garaginos as you like.

Breadboard attachable

Attach your Garaginos directly to the breadboard. Slicker prototypes.

Solder it to your PCB

And program it directly there!

Wider voltage range

From 1.8 to 5V. Use 3.3V sensors. No logic level converter needed.

Longer headers

The Garagino's longer headers allows it to be attached to a breadboard, connected with wire jumpers, soldered to a PCB and used with mini-shields (we have developed many of them already)

DIP microcontroller

We used the ATmega328 in the DIP packaging so you can take it out anytime. No rework needed.

Pin 13 LED, Power LED and Reset Button

You will need them.

16MHz Resonator

The same speed you are used to.

Open Source

Garagino is a registered brand but the project is open.

Already being manufactured

Tested and approved by thousands of users.

Techinical Specs

Microcontroller:                   Atmel ATmega328 DIP

Bootloader:                          Optiboot (same as Arduino UNO)

Operating Voltage:              1.8 - 5V

Digital I/O Pins:                   14 (6 PWM output)

Analog Input Pins:               6

DC Current per I/O Pin:      40 mA

Flash Memory:                    32 KB

SRAM:                                  2 KB

EEPROM:                            1 KB

Garagino's Mini Shields and Docks

With great potentials, come great accessories.

Tons of projects and tutorials

We provide all the info you need to get started with Garagino, even if you are not familiar with the great Arduino platform.